Innoce's Journal for National Writing Month[END]

It's happened again

So it's happened again. I have wrote more than the last before but somewhere along the way I became unenthused about my story. No, I didn't compare my work to other writers, it's just that somewhere along the way as I was writing I realized that I didn't want this kind of story. 

I don't want my story to be like a slice of life kind of style. I always make the mistake of having my first chapter start as an everyday kind of lifestyle thing only to continue on that way, I always tend to drag things out and have my main character not taking any opportunities always having the same anti-social trait as I do. It's frustrating, I'm not good at writing about romance or friendship- I have no experience in that. When I was younger I used to do it, I guess because my imagination was pretty wild but I can't allow myself to write about things that I don't understand for some reason. 

Also I find it hard to write dialogue, giving characters their own personality. Having too many characters in one story, wondering how I should start off a story... I hate it really. So I decided to stop. This wasn't even the original story I thought I should do for NaNoWriMo I ended up changing because I wanted to continue the OTHER story even if it wasn't for the sake of the competition. ._. I have a lot of work to do... 


Perhaps its because I simply write on impulse, aside from Heart Wars- I haven't really tried to do much research and try world building. It's not enough. I need to... do something. I'm hoping what I'm lacking could be gained with some kind of personal experience... I dunno. What I need is to look at things from a different perspective, I'm hoping the next story I write will be from a new one. 

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