Want to Take Over our Movellas Snapchat?

by , Monday November 14, 2016
Want to Take Over our Movellas Snapchat?

Want to take over our Movellas Snapchat?

Read more about it and then volunteer here!



Did you know that Movellas is also on Snapchat? We can be found under the username movellasstories, and to start things off we must of course ask you to follow us there :) 


We're often searching for new and different ways to expand our universe in letting you, our clever movellians, become an even bigger part of Movellas. This year we've had great success with take overs on our Instagram account, so after some consideration, we've decided that we will now also allow take overs of our Snapchat!



So...when does it take place?

Ideally this would take place over the course of a week, and whoever would be hosting the Snapchat take over would take several snaps per day, with a minimum of two! We would very much like to see snaps of your daily life. As with our previous Instagram takeovers, this is not going to happen every month, rather it is something we will do occasionally.


When it comes to the take over, it's entirely up to you what you want to post. However, it's cool if most of the images are related to reading and writing, for example where you find your inspiration, what you favorite genre in writing is, books you're reading now, and the like.



Rules for Takeover


You will need your own Snapchat account to write / post pictures via the app. Encourage others to follow Movellas on Snapchat and share some of the awesome snaps via @movellasstories during the take over. You are also welcome to talk about the takeover on your own Facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr, etc. should any of those platforms apply :)


Keep in mind that you will need to make about 3 - 5 posts / snaps a day and of course, please recommend others follow movellasstories via Snapchat too.


It's nice if the pictures you post are related to books, what inspires you, writing stuff, etc. However, we realize that it can be difficult to get ALL posts to deal with those things, and so in avoiding posting a deluge of food images, we must emphasize that it's your life we are interested in hearing about, so how you make your personal stamp on the week's takeover is still, up to you.



Would you like to take over our Movellas Snapchat?

If so, write it here in the comments! Once we've selected who will take over our Movellas Snapchat account, we will announce it here in the comments as well. All communication regarding the takeover will be done through email with the Community Manager.



We hope to have the next Snapchat take over very soon! Do let us know what you think of that :)


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