Character Creation

by , Friday November 11, 2016
Character Creation

Character Creation

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Hello to all of you Muffins out there! So I hear that you want to create good and interesting characters? Well, I won't say I am an expert, but I like to think that I know how characters work well and how to create your own amazing character, whether villain or hero.


Every good character has a history, that may or may not even be included in the book. A good background allows you to know how your characters work deep down. For instance, a traumatizing past may cause them to be irrational in certain situations, or if they came from a rich background then maybe they wanted to give it up in the look for happiness in the simple things in life.

It doesn't even have to be a long backstory, just a summary! Just a quick few words about what they used to be can mean so much. In Dungeons & Dragons, a roleplaying game I play a lot, you must make a character with a background, and that background pretty much determines everything about their personality and how they feel about the world.


Ideals, flaws and bonds

Say they came to an interview for a casting job in your book, and you, as the interviewer ask "What makes you right to be part of this book? That is what these three words basically mean. What does your character live by?

So an ideal can be what they believe in. A short sentence you can imagine your character saying, such as "I prefer to defend the weak and bring down the powerful." That what they believe is the right thing to do.

A flaw is, of course, what is wrong with this character. What's a bad thing about this character that you think is a good feature for them to have, if you know what I mean. Maybe they find it hard to trust people. Perhaps they are arrogant and shallow. If you say that your character is perfect in every way and has nothing bad about them, then you have created a bad character, it's plain and simple. A very dull character. Make sure they have one or two flaws!

Lastly, a bond. A bond is something that happened that was crucial in their life. Like history, only more in detail. Something that sticks with them for life. It could've caused their flaw! Or it could've caused their ideal! Whichever, but a bond is good to have!

Black and White

Now this is not me jabbing at racial features. Instead, this is a jab whether your character is black or white in character. A perfectly white character is like the one I called at earlier; a perfectly flawless character is a dull one. Same with black; a perfectly evil with nothing interesting about them can be very boring. You want grey characters. As grey as you can possibly get. Yes, villain and hero both need to be grey; perhaps the villain being a darker grey, and the hero being lighter, but still the same colour, just not in shade.

George R.R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones is a genius with grey characters. One such example is Tywin Lannister  Tywin Lannister is supposed to be a villain - a cruel man with a desire for money and power. However, he is more in that he is smart about his position, he is sometimes kind to his son who he is supposed to hate and that he treats captured prisoners with respect.

Dialogue and Actions

Lastly, what your character does and says is vital, and it must be creatively executed. A king walks up to your hero and tells him to perform a quest for glory! Does your character boringly say "Yes, my liege! I shall achieve what needs to be done!" or does your character perhaps ask "What's in it for me?" or perhaps "No, you're a tyrannical man who can't push people around like me any longer!" That creates a good story. A good trigger point in which suddenly the story can change!

For another example, when Theoden in Lord of the Rings is demanded by Aragorn to call for men to defend a fort against a siege, Theoden says, in a nutshell "Who's going to come? No one, that's who! We're gunna fight and die in worthy defeat..." Instead of saying "Yes, we must call for aid! Send out riders to spread word!"

As long as you follow these rules, my ladies and gents, then you shall create rememberable and lovable characters, trust me.


Now that's all from me folks! Have fun and get creating your very own original characters!

- Aldrin



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