New Stories Coming In 2017/18!!!!

by , Tuesday November 8, 2016
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 New Stories Coming In 2017/18!!!!

Hello everyone!

This is my first ever blog and I don't know what exactly to write on here....buttttt I have one big announcement to make.

In the upcoming year I'll be making four, yes four, books. This is a series, not a one story written in four books, no. It's a series yes, I call it...*drum roll*  "The One Direction Inc." 

Do you guys like it? Let me know! I still don't know the date of when the first book will come out, but by New Years I should know. As for now, you guys are encouraging me to continue "Say You Love Me"...I'll look into that and yes, there might be an update soon. 

And one more thing....which book are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments...there are comments on blogs right? I still don't know because this is still saved as a draft...well if there is a comment section, let me now.

As always you guys are amazing, and I love each and every one of you <3

"All the love" xoxoxo


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