​Winners of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Competition!

​Winners of the Cursed Child Competition!

Your Potter fanfics have all been read in this competition - let's talk about the winners



In this competition there was no doubt as to the theme, and it was Harry Potter! More so, we were celebrating the publication of The Cursed Child in September and everything else in the universe as September was also Harry Potter feature month on Movellas. In this magical month you all wrote some amazing fanfictions, and the interplay of characters, relationships, and all the other powerful possibilities that were thrown into the mix made for a fantastic display of (a) what awesome Harry Potter fans you all are, as well as the overall impressiveness of this fandom, in general :) and (b) how to write great fanfics on your favorite characters. It doesn't get much better than this and the stories we have here to highlight from the competition help in explaining this. 


Winners will of course receive Harry Potter prizes! We hope you liked this competition on Movellas - thank you to those who took part, we've loved seeing just how much trouble could be conjured up with these wickedly good tales...



1st place

A Forbidden Love Story by Ashlyn Elizabeth




2nd place

Bromance by Jiangxi




3rd place

Wizards at War by AmberW



We also have one worthy mention we'd recommend reading. It's a rather dark fanfic about love, murder...and Hermione having to prove her innocence.


Granger Guilt by Slytherinprincessmalfoy77




All winners will be contacted by email.


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