Stupid stuff step parents do

by , Monday November 7, 2016
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 Stupid stuff step parents do

FYI, Don't call the cops





My step-father decided to call the fucking cops on my best friend. I swear, that is not something you do to someone on her period. Especially to a fourteen year old, on her period, stressed about school, stressed about her siblings, loyal to her friends, trying not to snap, biting her toung, keeping the house clean, and looking for her lost stuff. Not a good choice. He said that it hurt him just as much but he is wrong. Take his pain, multiply it by ten, multiply that by the two years that me and my friend were together, and then add how many times me and her picked each other up after we took a major fall emotionally. He knows nothing. I stress everyday over keeping my two families intact, then he goes and tears apart my real family. Luckily, that just brought me and my little school "family" even closer. 






Thank you all for reading. If you would like, tell me something stupid that a step parent has done and I might just put it up. You don't have to though! Feel free to get it off your chest, trust me it does help. Speaking for everyone here on movellas, we will hear you out and we will not judge. Pease, Love and Snowflakes! ~ElizabethOrderFrost

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