The next #movellastakeover

by , Monday November 7, 2016
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The next #movellastakeover

The next #movellastakeover

More about the upcoming Instagram Takeover by one of our social media ambassadors




We're psyched about November's Instagram Takeover. From today, Monday November 7 through Sunday, November 13 check out our Instagram account at movellasofficial to see what's in store this takeover...


This time it's movellian Kierstinnn who is in charge of the #movellastakeover


For now we'd like to give you all the chance to meet just whose behind this latest takeover, so here's a Q&A session before it begins :)





User Name:

How about all three? My name is Kierstin, username is Kierstinnn, and Instagram is @kierstinflick






Full-time student in college (journalism major!) and a part-time baker at a Dunkin’ Donuts!



Is reading/writing overdone?


That’s pretty much all I do in my spare time! I also have started working out a lot, which has become a pretty fun passion :)


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’ll use three descriptive words, because I’ve always been really bad at this! My boyfriend says sarcastic, emotional, and funny. Take what you like from that.


How long have you been on Movellas?

I’ve been on for slightly over 4 years now! It’s felt like almost no time at all, though!


Why are you on Movellas?

It’s the only platform that I’ve ever really liked for wiring, probably because it’s the first one that I joined. I’ve tried joining two others in addition to Movellas and they just didn’t stick for me. 


What are your three favorite books/authors of all time and why?

I’m going to cheat a little here. First and foremost is the Harry Potter series. I absolutely love them. Second is the book The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. We had to read it for AP Literature and I was the only person in class who even liked it. I guess I’ll choose an author for my third choice because I’m having a very hard time. I really like all of Sarah Dessen’s work.


What genre do you prefer reading?

I’m definitely a romance fiend, but I love mystery and fantasy as well.


Do you write novels/books yourself?

Yes! I’ve been slacking a bit on it since I started back in classes, but I’ve been writing for NaNoWriMo, so I’m determined to finish this novel this month. :)


Where do you get your inspiration from in writing?

Wow, I honestly have no clue. A lot of the stories that I’ve written in the past have come from pieces of dreams that I’ve had. However, my NaNoWriMo piece is based on my life- it’s my first non-fiction work.


What is your best writing tip?

Definitely write for yourself. I know that a lot of people, myself included, get sort of discouraged when there aren’t a lot of reads, favorites, comments, or likes on their stories.


Once you learn to write for yourself whether or not anyone else is reading yet, you’ll like writing so much more!



Thank you Kierstinnn! Make sure to follow on Instagram @kierstinflick, and @movellasofficial too in case you haven't already :)


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