My NaNoWriMo Entry Teaser

by , Sunday November 6, 2016
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Hidden Secrets



Being left by your family in a new underground world is hard, but Molly got over it, she doesn't know who her parents are and it doesn't bother her. 

When the people decide to go against their leaders and plan an escape to get above ground to where they believe is empty of life so they can start again Molly joins them and plays a major part in their plan.

But getting above ground isn't what they had hoped. 

The world is still going on. 

To the people on the ground, they're just myths, stories that you tell children. But not everyone believed the same myth, and not everyone believed they were myths. 

But why were they down there? Are and of the myths true? And what is Mr Blackworth hiding? 

With the help of her new friends, and maybe some old, Molly hunts for the truth of why they were underground, why these people believed they were myths, and what secrets the government is trying so hard to keep hidden.

Will Molly discover the truth?

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