by , Sunday November 6, 2016
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Keep Going

Those of you who struggle trying to get through the day just think that everybody around you is counting on you to pick youself back up.


Many people are stuck in a rut, but in reality you just don't have enough motivation to get yourself out, don't worry i'm there now but, if we work together we can fix that. I once heard a saying, " Life's only reason, is to find a reason to live". This quote echoes in my head everyday. "Life's only reason, is to find a reason to live", Find your reason to live. Get yourself noticed, find new friends, get good grades in school. Try to live to the end of the day, in the best posible way. Example: I started a blog today, entered a writing contest yesterday. I might have lost but, it feels great to try it out. I give my best wishes to all who read my blog, that you have a great day, and strive to the end on a mighty horse. This is cyguy101 blog entry #1 GoodNight Everyone!


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