Castiel: Angel of the Gifs

by , Sunday November 6, 2016
Castiel: Angel of the Gifs

Castiel: Angel of the Gifs

See some awesome gifs all in the spirit of Supernatural Feature Week!


Now, we know that Misha is an angelic being (aayyy, see what I did there?), therefore, he has many beautiful gifs. I would like to share some with you if you don't mind, please, thank you very much.


SPOILER ALERT: Yeah, you probably shouldn’t read this unless you’ve watched past Season 11. Or you can, if you like spoilers, I don’t judge.



1. His smile is so pretty. Most of these gifs will just be me fangirling over his face, just FYI. But he has a pretty smile. Share this feeling with me.

2. Leviathan Castiel was very attractive to me. He only lasted a few minutes but that’s enough. I just realised how inappropriate that sounded. I apologise to all under 13s. Not that you should be on here, go outside and enjoy your childhood children.

3. I think I have a thing for evil. And that’s probably not a good thing. I’ll rephrase, fictional evil. Casifer is my favourite character, probably ever. And Misha does evil so well, like damn.  

4. Casifer, again. He’s so bootiful. And look at that wink.

5. This is the exact opposite of a strip tease yet I find it just as exciting. I miss Jimmy. You know, I’m just gonna rate this blog R. It’s heading down an inappropriate route.

6. Aw, he looks sad, don’t cry Leviathan Misha. He has a very nice sad face though. Does that sound psychopathic? I’m sorry.

7. Oh, look who it is. BOOM. It’s Casifer again. And his glorious evil smile.

8. Awww, look at his dimple. He’s so cwtchy. For all non-Welsh speakers, cwtch means cuddle. It doesn’t technically have an English translation, but that’s okay. Fun fact of the day for you. Learning Welsh with Hannah. I don’t think I want to commit to that idea.

9. Mae angen imi roi'r gorau gydag obsesiwn hwn Casifer. Fod yn ofalus, gallai fod yn heintus. Mae fyddwch byth yn gwybod. Edrych ar ef cnoi ar ei fys bach gwerthfawr. Amddiffyn y dyn bach hwn. TRANSLATION: I need to stop with this Casifer obsession. Be careful, it could be contagious. You never know. Look at him chewing on his tiny precious finger. Protect this small man.

10. This isn’t even Castiel, but it’s so pretty. Look at his clothes, look at his cheekbones. Look at his hair. It also reminds me of something, fellow fandom members: I can dig Elvis. If any on you would like to know where it is from, it is from the 1999 film Liberty Heights. Misha isn’t credited though. Sad face.



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