useful room decor diy, mostly music related/ blog competition.

these diy's are my own ideas, just so you know. xp




diy #1

record decorations.

1. get the stuff.

  .buy some old music records at places like Goodwill and get the from 2 cents to 2$

  .  choose a type of background. it needs to be paper. ( i used old sheet music, use band stickers, cunstruction paper, etc.)

  . modge podge, or elmer's glue mixed with water.

  . siccers. 

 2. make it.

  cut out you papr matireal into a circle the size of the lable in the middle of the record. take a paint brush or sponge and appliy your glue on the back of your paper, then place it on the lable in the middle of the record. apple the glue to the top to prevent edges from peeling and to make it shiny.

  tip: to make the records wavey and appear that they were molded, set them in a window seal for a few days or until you get the disiored effect. (if you have no idea what i'm talking about, buy an extra record and set in the window. if you like it, then do the same with the rest)

 diy #2



1. get your supplies.

   .paper(lots of it)

  .paint in desierd color.

 . paint bruches.

 .glue stick.


1. think.

figure out what you want your sentence/ paragraph to say. is it about music, animals, nature? is it a quote? mine says;" it's just music" they said. my favorite quote; 'earth' without 'art' is just 'eh'.

2. make it.

 cut out what the letters you want your quote to say. it doesn't matter what paper you use, because you will be painting over it. be awesome and recycle your decoration from old drawings, or magazen pages. if you don't want to, you can leave leave the paper with out paint.

3. paint it.(or not :p)

4. use you glue stick on your wall to secure your letters. it is cheap and does not leave a mark. the world should have thought of this sooner!


diy #5

album cover wall art.

1. gather your junk.

 . go online and pick out all of your favorite albums.

 .print them out, go to the local library and print them, it is only a few bucks.

 . measuring tape, if you don't have that, a ruler and string.

 .step stool.

 .glue stick.


1. measure.

 find the space of wall you are going to cover and measure from the celing to the floor and horizanal. when you have the measurments, you will need to figure out some things. first, how big is each picture going to be? you will need to see how may of each picture you can fit in one row. to do this, make each picture 5 by 5 inches. then, measure how many of those you can fit in your horizanal row. do the same with your virtical row. multiply this to find out how many pictures you are going to need. if you don't feel like measuring, just collect all of the pictures you want and stick them to the wall;p

 2. find the pictures.

  search the web for the pictures of album covers, if you don't like enough albums to fil up your space, do band logos or something elese you like.

 3. print those babies!

  print the suckers out!

 4. this is where the glue comes(ha)

   stick the bab boys on the wall and admire your work!(or the sloppy mess you didn't measure out xD)

  tip: use modge poge or glue mixture on top of the pictures to make them shiny.


 diy #6

marble vase.


1. get the supplies.

      .bottle, vase, something glass.

      .white paint.

      . black nail polish

      .gold paint

      .duct tape, perferibly black, but it doesn't matter.


  2. make the vase.

   paint the entire thing white, it doesn't matter if it is a bit sloppy.

  3. prepare your water mixure.

    get a big bowl full of water and place it somewhere stable and even. take your nail polish and use the brush to make it drip it to the water bowl. make sure to do this not filling the entire bowl full, leave some water at the top.

  4. color the marbleized bottle!

  place the now dry bottle into the bowl of water, colecting all of the polish while turning the bottle. the effect should look like water.

 5. add the flair.

  paint the rim of the bottle gold.


diy #7

 now that you have a vase, fill it up with duct tape flowers

1. the petals

  take your duck tape out and cut it into three inches a peice. Now take one of your almost squares of duct tape and flip it over so it is sticky side up. Then take the corner of the tape and bring it along the opposite side of the piece. Then do that step over with the flap you just created. Creating a triangle shaped point at the top and little bit of sticky space at the bottom (2 cm) and just make a whole bunch of them.

 2. the begining.

   take one petal and place a corner of the sticky part on your stick, then wrap it around until there is no more sticky showing, with the petal pointed upwards. continue until your flower is done, then make a nice pile to go in your vase.


i hope you guys enjoyed these simple, cheap, but great looking diys!

i love all of you!

rock on forever bitches.


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