My Favourites from Dean's Playlist

by , Friday November 4, 2016
My Favourites from Dean's Playlist

My Favourites from Dean's Playlist

A blog about the awesome music from Supernatural as we take a closer look during feature week!


SPOILER WARNING: There aren't many, but there is one bombshell, so if you haven't watched up to Season 11, I don't suggest reading this blog.


If Supernatural is known for anything, it's the shows's amazing sound track. Classic rock fro the 70s and 80s, where can you go wrong? Here are some of my favourites from the seasons so far.


#1-Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

I couldn't write a music blog about Supernatural without including this. The unofficial them song of the show. I personally think Kansas are extremely underrated. I think this song is what makes the programme have the legacy it does. The fact that the lyrics relate so strongly to the plot line is very important. And remember, this song acts as a sort of warning, if it's playing, you know something bad is to come!


#2-Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

I love this song. It's so fitting for Castiel. And obviously, as Castiel is my favourite character, this is my favourite song. I don't know about you, but in terms of Supernatural, I think this song was used to describe Jimmy, Cas' vessel. Hence, behind. I am weird though, so that thought probably never even occurred to you. I actually cannot find a song by The Who that I don't like, they are such a brilliant band. I vote to make this Cas' unofficial theme song.


#3-Highway to Hell by AC/DC

This one is iconic. There's no way you haven't at least heard of this song. I just love how the show used it as well, almost comically, because you know, hell and all. While I'm on the subject of AC/DC, I'd like to add Thunderstruck into the mix. Oh, so many choices, so little time.


#4-(Don't Fear)The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

This song was used quite early on in the show's run, so I'm not sure how many will remember it from that, but in terms of rock, this is a classic in my opinion. Blue Oyster Cult never fail to impress, with over 4 songs of theirs on the soundtrack. (SPOILER) This song really makes me miss Death.


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