how to expand your horizons in your music taste/ blog compition

 before i go on, don't forget this blog is to help you. you have got to first go through some pain to get to the advice.


 A few years ago, i had no electronics, or the enternet. my only acsess to music was the radio. i had heard the same exact songs over and over, about the same unimportant subjects.

All that filled my ears was songs about sex, drugs, parties, breakups.

 Yes, some of you will be like: "but Caitlin! what else is there in a song? "

 Well, i'm here to tell you.

 you see, i had eventually expanded myself. when i was tweleve, i was skimming staions and heard an ACDC song called back in black. it was refreshing, and i sung along and danced to it; that was the best song i had heard in a long while. the next song that had come on was Crazy train, by Ozzy Osbourne. i had stumbled on something that has changed my life and thought since then.

 it was the classic rock radio station.

 all i had been listening to for years was justin beber and selena gomez, ariaon grande and nicki minja. little did i know, i hated it.

 I'm not hating on any of them, but their music is nothing important. they will get old and die, no one will remeber them.

i can see the comments now; "oh how dare you! Jimmy Burb- i mean, Justin Bebeir, is wonderfull! they are my ife and soul and they are the most important thing in the whole wide world!"

no, just no.

 do you honestly think that the entire world will go crazy if one of them dies? you would be right. but after a while, people would forget. their small legiseys wil be forgotten, buried in a see of every other slighty liked "artist."

 did you know almost all of the people i had just metioned don't even write their own music? not one of them has ever picked up an insturment and fell in love with the beauty of it. of creating something and feeling somehting of your own creations. they don't create music. they sing small parts in little two minute songs that everyone loves for a month, but doesn't even remeber that song for another year.

 then, oops!

"what is this on my Ipod? oh yes! i remember this! it was by Jimmy Burber!"

 it has happened to all of us.

 don't forget that this blog is to help you.

think about this; have you ever heard of Kashmire by Led Zepplin? that song is around ten minutes long. it is one of the best classic rock songs out there, and it it really cool to listen to. think about how long it takes to create an eight minute rock song. first off, you have the drums. the drums are the backbone of a rock song, and a tatlented drummer is necessary for any band. then you have the bass. no, not the kind that makes your ears go "thump thump" in your head phones. the insturment that helps create more demension and density to the song, to add more insturmental. it helps the drummer out a bit. then you have the guitar, which is one of the most beautiful insturments out there. as a guitar player myself, i know how hard it is to play a decent song that is long and has a nice rythem. then you have the lyrics. i can see it now;

 "what in the whole wide world is something to sing about that is so important, that it takes  a whole eight minutes of my life?"

 listen to it and find out.

 now, i need to convert some people fro the dark side.

first of all, you need to know about this guy:

Jimi Hendrix.

he is the best guitar player in the world, and i am not exaggerating a bit. he was the first guy to show people that african americans can play the guitar. he is very important.

 then you got to study up on this band:

  guns n' roses.

  they are freaking awesome.

  this list of bands are only classic rock.



  ozzy osbourne/black sabbith (they are on the metal side of the group, but are so old they're inluded :p)

  Led Zepplin

  the beatles (not my favorite, but they kinda paved the road of classic rock.)

  Queen( hell yeah!!!!)


  that should get you started in classic rock

  now onto metal(me likey!!)

 system of a down( my favorite band of all time!)

 five finger death punch

  metallica(  they are a bit classic rockish)

  papa roach


  framing hansly

  asking alexandra.

  alice in chains

  that should wrapp up my band list so far.

 if you don't want to look at bands, try songs(this list will go on forever, you have been warned)

 chop seuy

crazy train

 another one bites the dust

 back in black



 solider slide

 you can't always get what you want.

 yellow submarie

 last resort

 enter sandman


  man in the box

  highway to hell

  smells like teen spirit

  the black

  the final episode

  i better not kill you yet with overload of awesomness, but you'le thank me one day. and again i am so sorry to the people who know about the stuff on this blog, it honeslty is an insult to you guys, but i can't see people going roung singing "panda panda panda panda" any longer.

 thank you for listening to what i had to say, and if you take my advice, one day, you'll be telling your friends about the things that you listen to, and no one will no what your talking about. then you will get the honor of introducing it to them, and changing their lives.

i love you all, and spread the word. we need to end the rain of jimmy burber- i mean, justine bebeirs terror.


rock on forever bitches.







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