Because I Can

by , Wednesday November 2, 2016
 Because I Can

And because I dream

In a world where anything can happen, we must believe.


We must be able to speak freely, it is our right, yet are we really free, are we able to be fully and utterly free to speak the crude terrible truth? Is this world really free, or is all just an unspoken rule that we, the people, must stand back and let the high and mighty people from the government do what they want? I don't know, but maybe we can figure it out together. Open your eyes, and look at the world with unbias feelings. Now, think of the war, the discrimation, The United States dept, the dying people in other areas in the world, the polution, now, now readers, tell me is this world we want? Or will we all sit back, and watch as death descends on us all? Let's see my friends, let's see.

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