Supernatural Ships

by , Thursday November 3, 2016
Supernatural Ships

Supernatural Ships 

There's a universe of great ships in Supernatural worth reading more of!


[SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up to at least Season 11, Episode 11, read on at your own risk.]   


Of all the intricate facets of the CW show Supernatural, the one for which the fandom is best known is probably the ships. While some may find this annoying, it’s ultimately fair; this show is rife with potential and the ever famous subtext. For those of you unfamiliar with the ships of Supernatural, here’s a short run down of some of the more popular ones.


Destiel (Dean x Castiel)

      The most well known, the most popular, and arguably the most subtext-supported ship in Supernatural is between hunter Dean and the angel Castiel, dubbed Destiel. Though Dean stabbed Cas in the chest when they first met, there were clear fireworks - of both the literal and figurative sort. Their relationship is perhaps the most complex of anyone in the show besides Sam and Dean’s, going from near enemies to reluctant allies to friends to… well, whatever they consider themselves now in season 12. Their story features many of the tropes in classic romance stories; there’s flirting, long soul-searching eye contact, and innuendoes, but also betrayal, trust issues, and secrets. While their relationship may not go cannon any time soon, there’s certainly enough support to keep fan fiction writers busy for quite a while.


Sabriel (Sam x Gabriel)

      Another human/angel ship is between Sam Winchester and the archangel Gabriel. While this odd pairing might take some by surprise, the fandom has made it work by suggesting that Sam might have the patience to deal with Gabriel’s trickster tendencies and unlock his softer side. This ship doesn’t have a large amount of cannon support, given the fact that Sam has a legitimate reason to resent Gabriel for the emotional torture he has caused, but Gabriel’s character is so variable that anything could happen. That is, if he ever finds his way back on the show (fingers crossed).


Megstiel (Meg x Castiel)

      This strange pairing matches up a rebellious angel and an occasionally trustworthy demon. While Meg certainly cannot be trusted, there is evidence to support the soft side she holds for Castiel, who she’s nicknamed “Clarence.” Castiel, at times, seems to reflect this soft spot, though he is more enigmatic when it comes to revealing his true feelings. Either way, some fans are in strong support of this angel demon match-up, for what more interesting combination is there than a fallen angel and a demon who works in the gray areas?


Saileen/Saleen (Sam x Eileen)

      One ship with reasonable cannon potential is between Sam Winchester and Eileen Leahy, a hunter whom the Winchesters encountered in 11.11. Eileen’s backstory is rich - the granddaughter of a Man of Letters, Eileen was left deaf after a banshee attacked her family and killed her parents when she was a baby. Raised by a hunter, Eileen can take care of herself and forms a quick connection with Sam. At the end of the episode, they part on good terms, with Sam suggesting that she call if she ever needs anything or “just to hang out.” Sure, they only met once, but we can still believe that they kept in contact through text, right? Right. Ships have been built on less :)


DeanBenny (Dean x Benny)

      Dean always seems to be shipped with the supernatural creatures - this time it’s with a vampire. Although, in terms of “monsters,” Benny doesn’t quite qualify. Dean and Benny met in Purgatory, after Castiel betrayed the Winchester brothers in the Leviathan debacle and they both landed there for a while. Dean and Benny became friends, and through a series of events, Benny made it back to earth for a while. Despite Sam’s disapproval, Dean was certain that while Benny was a vampire, that didn’t make him a monster. In the end, he appeared to be right when Benny essentially sacrificed himself for Dean and returned to Purgatory. While that’s sweet, it’s not exactly hopeful for the future of their ship.



      Of course, there are very many more ships in Supernatural - more than it’s possible to go into right now. Some feature side characters, such as Jo and Charlie; they may never have crossed paths on the show, but it’s easy to imagine the strong hunter and the tech genius making a killer team. There’s also Bobby and Ellen, and Jody and Donna - both great side ships! Others feature more of the main characters, like Dean and Lisa, Sam and Ruby, or Wincest (which I certainly shall not go into here). Basically, there’s a ship in Supernatural for everyone; some cannon, some crack, and some limited to fan fiction.


What’s your favorite ship? 



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