Innoce's Journal for the National Novel Writing Month

Lots of Progress...Surprise!

(Yes this is my journal for NaNoWriMo meaning my journal for not only the event, but fot the month of November itself...kay? Kay.)

I was originally going to write another story, was planning that other story but ended up changing my mind today. I wrote my rough draft while waiting for class to start and during class break. I was satisfied with what I wrote in my litte notebook, I had roughly six pages, if you count front and back. I had even begun to work on the rough draft for my second chapter(didn't finish that bit, however)...that's not cheating is it? I couldn't stop myself. ._. Don't judge cous.

Today I updated 1609 words.  I wrote out the rough draft and started typing it out on movellas (transfered it to word to figure out word count after remembering about that bit (^.^;)) and found myself revising everything I wrote, which made it longer. This revised version still isn't perfect, but I feel relieved to have made it close to the average word count. Well, I think I'm going to play me some otome games now.


Used to play Gossip Girl but it's going to be closed this Month so I've been avoiding it... ah my dear love Marc...I'll miss you! TT.TT

(Yes Gossip Girl as in the tv series, in case you wondering how come there's a striking resemblance to the real Serena and Blaire)

For some reason this photo shrunk... r. r


In loving memory of G.G

I would share a glitch picture of GG but sadly I don't want to get sued for sharing a photo... r. r gotta tread on eggshells around that.

I'm currently playing Sleepless Cinderella Party (Voltage) and Midnight Cinderella: Ikemen Royal Romances (CYBIRD)


Honestly, I'm really picky when it comes to otome games. (yes, I've heard of Mystic Messenger sadly, don't have the GB memory to play it on my weak phone. ._. I also play MCL, but I don't play it as often as I used too. I'm currently on episode 28? I drifted from it I suppose. Also there's another french game where the protagonist goes to a college and there's this whole egyptian mystery thing going on... forgot the name of that, but I used to play that too. 

What would make me want to play an otome game:

  • Dress up MC option- has to have pretty clothing! THAT'S A MUST!!! this includes interesting GACHA

  • It actually has to have GOOD art for both game illustrations and chibi MC person.  So I suppose the bottom line is that it HAS to have good art.(Gossip girl gets five stars on game illustrations and four stars for chibi MC simply for the sole fact that certain make up didn't look good on my dark skinned chara because,yes,it's different colored make up but it shouldn't have a light skintone outline that's like saying the makeup was made for the lighter skinned characters. (r. r) rude!)


  • Interesting MC personality (Once again depending on your love choice girls in GG had a different attitude depending on the guy because the guy would only fall for a certain personality, I love that. The Isaac MC was the beginning at least.) - An interesting MC personality? What is that? Well in my opinion, the MC shouldn't be lustful and fall in love with said chosen love interest at the drop of the hat, I can understand thinking he's handsome when the guy is handsome and stuff but if the guy does something to the MC that could pass as harrassment and she welcomes the behavior, not bothering to resist. No. (r. r) No. Not gonna work okay? I don't want to her to be loose like that. I want her to have a backbone and to know what she wants, she can be shy too that's fine as long as she ACTUALLY HAS A PERSONALITY! *huffs* *huffs*



  • Interesting guy- you got to have an interesting guy with a personality, not some perv. o.o It's okay if he flirts, it's okay if being pervy is a part of his character BUT... a line has to be drawn somewhere okay? Kay. There's a very thin line between a boyfriend and a boyfriend if you know what I mean and you can't just cheat a proper romantic story by making everything so easy. ._. You can't even call that romance, it's called lust!


  • Interesting Events and prizes-(Gossip Girl also did an amazing job at holding a new event every single month. *Claps*) 

  • ​But above all? AN INTERESTING STORY! 

​It's a wish of mine to be able to talk to form a community discussing the otome game like I once did with GG on FB( I don't own the community I was a part of it though, mainly talked about challenges and befriended people who had certain key outfits we need to pass style missions)


It's getting late, guess I'll check on this apps before turning in. Good Night everyone. Also, R.I.P Gossip Girl Party!

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