What I got for my birthday

by , Sunday November 27, 2016
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 What I got for my birthday

This is all the gifts I got from people for my birthday. :) <3

This is just a list of the stuff I got from people for my birthday. I spent 20 minutes thinking if I should say from or for so if the way I said it is wrong I give up! XD Anyways! Here we go! Also, I will hopefully post pictures so if you follow me you will know what the items look like. I suck at describing XD


1. A purple tutu from one of my friends. I was at her house and she was making a tutu for a Halloween costume and I told her I wanted one so she made me one for my birthday :)


2. A gift card to see a movie. And I told my brother he should take me and he said he might :)


3. A Daryl Dixon shirt. For those who don't know Daryl is from The Walking Dead, one of my favorite shows.


4. Two packets of The Walking Dead trading cards


5. A writing journal. Which is good because I need a place to write my ideas for stories in,


6. A lip liner from Mary Kay. So my mom's friend sells these makeup products called Mary Kay so if you were confused now you know. Also, lip liner comes before the lipstick which I'm actually excited to use.


7. Two small boxes of eyeshadows. Each box has three different shades.


8. Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery, it's the sequel to Anne of Green Gables and I recommend you guys to read them :)


9. Black socks with elephants and giraffes on them


10. Anne of Green Gables adult coloring book


11. A Doctor Who shirt 


12. A perfume from Vera Bradley that smells like heaven! It smells amazing!


13. Three Supernatural books: John Winchester's Journal, Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, and The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls 


14. A Hot Topic gift card, which I already used


15. A Twenty One Pilots fluffy blanket. IT'S SO SOFT. Sorry... I lost my cool...


16. Cat Ear Headphones that light up. They are pretty cool! Haven't tried them out yet but I well! 


17. A Hot Buttered Rum candle. It smells wonderful!


18. A white fluffy blanket. Again! IT'S SO SOFT! XD


19. Some Pink Salt Soak. I'm pretty sure you put it in your bath. Kind of like a bath bomb but there's more and it's more like salt than a bomb if that makes sense XD but they smell really good and if you want to look it up the company is Sparkle Skincare Co.


20. An Essie nail polish in the shade Peach Daiquirl 


21. Another Adult coloring book. Because you know. I'm adult now XD


22. Adult color pencils which now I think they are going a little overboard with the 'adult' stuff. XD


23. Halloween stickers because why not!


24. A Dean Winchester shirt that says " Love Me Some Pie".


And that is all! I'm going to do what I got for Christmas too.


P.S My birthday was on November 1st but I wanted to wait to publish this so I get everyone's present :)




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