It's Supernatural Feature Week!

by , Monday October 31, 2016
It's Supernatural Feature Week!

It's Supernatural Feature Week!

And just in time for Halloween :)


Now that we're ready for some spooky celebration, it's Supernatural Feature Week! So jump into your Impala, blast out Eye of The Tiger and strut your stuff!


Listen, I honestly don't know anyone who hasn't at least heard of this show. It's LEGENDARY. It's won countless awards, it has a pretty cast, a good plot, a pretty cast, good music, a really pretty cast. See? LEGENDARY. No, I joke, I joke, it's a really good show. And it's everywhere. You cannot escape.


*clears throat*


Sorry, it appears Misha took over there. Anyway, the plot is just, woah. It's an incredibly well thought out idea and I highly recommend watching it, if you don't already. Now let's move onto the actors.


This looks like a joke but it's really not. It isn't fair that people can be this perfect. I know you know I know you know I know. And let me just warn you now that Tumblr is a mine field. Seriously those motherfluffers are everywhere, and definitely don't go on there if, like me, you haven't seen the Season 12 premiere yet because you cannot escape. MISHA LEAVE ME ALONE.


I'm gonna say that the purpose of this feature week is to bring joy to the people who watch it, and make the people who don't annoyed that they haven't seen it yet. Prepare for the series of fangirls obsessing over how pretty Mish—everyone—is. Believe me, there are plenty of blogs to come...


And, you know, while you're at just Google Misha Collins and then maybe, just maybe, you'll understand how I feel because I'm not gonna lie, I feel a little left out. Y'all obsessing over Jared and Jensen and I'm here rocking in the corner frothing at the mouth.


That was graphic. Well, Supernatural is graphic, and how fitting.



Thanks h a n n i for writing this intro and creating the banner! 


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