by , Tuesday November 1, 2016

My Books and Stories 


I look forward to writing stories and fanfiction of celebrities who I have grown fond of and the celebrities that I don't too much care for, but others seem to have a fascination for. If any requests, please don't be afraid to send me any, I am happy to make a request for you and your favorite celebrity. I am going to start with Interracial imagines of Justin Bieber. I am not really a fan of Justin Bieber it's kind of I like your music I could get to know you a little bit better, but a lot of people seem to be very fond of him, and my friend think Justin is hot so I don't mind writing stories about him. 

He Lost His Way 

He had lost his way, the will to love and too live. His mind blank and desperate for the attention and the need for salvation. His mind, his soul, his body, his heart got slept away into the darkness of the corner of the dainty room. Filling his soul with smoke and low cut class women, as he sits on the balcony and staring at the starless night and wonders "could it have been different?" "could I have been different" "do I want to be different" this thoughts pouring through his mind as the one star lit the black sky. 

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