Q&A #2

by , Wednesday November 2, 2016
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Q&A #2

Made another Q&A answering your questions :)

I would like to thank @K..S, @Lady Panda, @What.are.memes?, @BabyGirlBoo, and @Liv_xoxo for commenting. :) Now let's get started!


1. 3 things I love.

My family, my friends, and my followers <3


2. How many tattoos/ piercings do I have?

I have no tattoos or piercings. I use to have ear piercings but my holes are not closed up and I'm not going to get them re-done.


3. What I find attractive in other people?

I would either say their personality or their eyes because I just love eyes. They are really cool and pretty.


4. A confession.

I don't know if I have one really. I've been quite open on Movellas on what I belief and my opinions I'm not sure.


5. 3 habits I have.

I bite my nails sometimes, when I get nervous I put my hands behind my back, and I sometimes play with my hands or shirt when I get bored


6. Something I fanatasise about.

I like to think I'm a great singer and have a lot of friends but in reality I suck at singing and not a lot of friends


7. Do I smoke/drink?

No I do not smoke or drink


8. An embarrassing moment.

I was singing out loud and dancing because I was by myself at home and my brother's friend who I have a little crush on walked in


9. My favorite holiday.



10. My favorite song(s).

Holiday by Green Day and First Date by Blink 182


11. My favorite movie(s).

Men In Black series and The Lego Movie


12. Meaning behind my URL.

My family on Movellas is called Beautifully and I love music so I Musical Nerd popped into my head.


13. My celebrity crush(es).

Liam Payne from 1D, Luke Hemmings from 5sos, Nat Zang who is an actor on Z Nation, Tom Payne who is an actor on The Walking Dead, and many more but just to name a few.


14. What I did yesterday.

I went to school and ordered new glasses


15.  3 things that annoy me easily.

When people say 'so' in a hateful voice, people who roll their eyes, and chalk(don't ask)


16. My idea for a perfect date.

Just ordering pizza and watching a movie. I just want to cuddle and have no one else there but me and my date


17. My future goals.

To at least publish one book in my life and to get married.


18. 3 fears.

The dark, spiders, and snakes


19. 4 turn offs.

long hair on guys, thinks they are cool and hot, being rude, and has to many tattoos. I don't care for a few tattoos.


20. Something that is currently worried me.

Will I ever find a guy that will date me for what I'm like inside not outside.


That is it! Let me know if I should do a third one of these! They're are kind of fun to make!


All the questions are from a list I mumbled so that is why it is weirdly worded XD


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