Dreams I've Had

by , Friday October 28, 2016
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Dreams I've Had

It's in the title. :)

Some I don't remember that much and some were so weird that I remember them. Does that make sense? Anyways! Enjoy!


1. Roller Coaster Road

So this dream was sooooooo weird. It begins with my mom and I and she is driving. I was young when I had this dream but we came up to a road that was a roller coaster and they attached something to the tires so that you won't fall. But I was terrified of it and in my dream, I been on it before so I know what it was like. So they attached our tires to the things and my mother paid and it started. It like I said it was a roller coaster so it spins and turns and to me, that was the scariest thing I been on and I woke up scared.


2. Zombies!

So this one was when I was older. Probably when I was starting out liking The Walking Dead and I had this dream where I woke up and saw a zombie coming at me. So I look around and grab the lamp that was next to me and hit it with it and then I ran to my kitchen and grab a knife. I remember just zombies piling in and before they can get me I woke up because it felt so real. 


3. I Cheated on Luke Hemmings

This one wasn't too long ago actually. I love 5SOS(if you didn't already know) and my favorite is Luke so in my dream I was dating him and Calum had a secret love for me and didn't like how Luke was treating me. Luke wasn't the greatest boyfriend in my dream. He cheated and was kind of mean and Calum didn't like that. Well in my dream Luke had left to do something and it was only me and Calum at my house. I have a pool so I asked if he wanted to swim and he said yes so we go swimming. After talking awhile Calum confesses how he feels to me and kisses me. And it felt sooooo real! It was warm and kind of wet. And I remembered that he bite my lip and I pulled away and that is when I woke up. 


4. Spiders

Do you know what I hate more than being eaten by zombies? Spiders! In this dream, I woke up to see all kinds of spiders around me! I walk down the hall and into my parent's room and they are covered in them! It was the worse! And I don't know what happened next and what caused me to have a dream about them but it was the worse!


5. Who was there under the Christmas tree?

So almost ALL fans of One Direction probably had a dream where they woke up and found One Direction in their living room on Christmas Day. That happen to me. My family doesn't actually open presents on Christmas Day. We do it on Christmas Eve and we go to my grandma's house on Christmas but in my dream it was on Christmas Day when I 'saw' One Direction in my living room, smiling at me. I was one of those fans XD


6. PJs

So a lot of people probably had this dream where they go to school either naked or in pajamas. I had this dream A LOT! Some are where I'm already in school and realized I have pajamas on and some are I'm walking out the door and see I still have pajama pants on.


And that is all I can remember! Tell me which one you thought is the funniest and tell me your weirdest dream you had! 

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