Top 7 Horror Movies

by , Thursday October 27, 2016
Top 7 Horror Movies

Top 7 Horror Movies to See...

Here's a list of 7 wickedly scary films to watch again this season, if you dare



We all love horror movies (well I do, at least) but they must be captivating and horrific enough, right? Well here’s a list I've made of my top 7 horror movies of all time! (in no particular order:)

1. House at the End of the Street (2012) - Now, this movie isn’t really that horrific, more of a mystery. This film is about a mother and daughter who recently moved onto a street known for a horrific murder that happened at the house at the end of the street. The daughter (acted by Jennifer Lawrence) becomes curious to know who lives there. She finds a boy of her age (a little older) living there and then finds out he is living with his ‘sister.’ I’ll say no more, go watch the movie and it will make more sense and keep the suspense!


2. The Possession (2012) - A young girl called Em discovers a mysterious box at a garage sale. Yes, mysterious. After a while she seems to be possessed by some spirit (a dybbuk) from the box. This spirit is so malevolent that it means to cause the family and Em harm. This story is also said to be based off a true story. So don’t go opening mysterious boxes..


3. Insidious (2010) - Oh boy. A family moves into a new home but soon think that it is haunted. But it actually isn’t the home, it’s their small son. The son (named Dalton) falls into a coma and becomes possessed by an evil spirit. The family try doing their best to save their son before it’s too late... Spoiler alert, this involves something called "astro projection" which is much, much more terrifying than it sounds. 

4. Silent Hill (2006) - A mother takes her daughter to ‘Silent Hill’ to save her life. However, Silent Hill is no normal place. All misty, ghost-like and creepy. There are no humans there, but there are other creatures. The mother soon realizes her daughter is missing in Silent Hill and needs to find her. But how do you find someone in a place so eerie, dark, and scary?


5. The Omen (2006) - A movie about a creepy boy. Literally. This young boy is adopted by a husband and wife, and soon everyone around this boy (Damian) starts dying. Damian is no ordinary boy. 


6. The Grudge (2004) - This movie also contains a creepy boy (never knew boys were so creepy). I loved this series of films. Basically about a curse that haunts a house where a new family move in. The make up is done very well in this film because the boy who haunts them looks so much like a ghost!


7. The Orphan (2009) - This film is about a girl called Esther who is adopted into a family (so many adoptions!) However, a few weeks after she’s invited to her new home, terrible things start unraveling that show who Esther really is. 

All these films are great to watch on a Friday night, by yourself, or with a friend, all lights off and curtains open! (window slightly opened for a better effect). I left this list at 7, instead of 10 but there are of course more awesome horror flicks not listed here. Maybe you can finish the list!
What are your favorite horror films? Have you watched any of the above? Comment below!
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