by , Wednesday October 26, 2016
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Children in Need

Why we need to help those in need

Last night on the news I saw that a group of child migrants who have been living in the so called 'Jungle' in Calais have been taken to a centre in Devon. The negative reporting by the media, particularly the newspapers, of the migrants arriving in the UK last week was bad. The implications being that the children were adults. Weird that they questioned that, whilst the age of being a child by definition of law in the UK is under eighteen. These are young people who have suffered terribly in their quest to leave the insecurity and poverty of their homelands. Many are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. All these countries that the Uk has spent millions of pounds dropping bombs on. It's a wonder they actually want to come to the UK.

It surely is our duty as human beings to come to the aid of those who are in trouble, especially children in need. Every year we donate millions to the BBC charity appeal so children have a better life and yet we turn our backs on those who desperately need our help. We're told they're here to scrounge off society , yet most migrants are here to work and live in peace. They contribute to society far more than some of those crazy right wingers. Yet we turn our backs on them. Great Britain used to really be great. We were a society with tolerance, a place where we accepted others openly. Yet now we treat any incomer with disdain and question their right to be here. Society is getting worse.

Yesterday this man from Devon said in no uncertain terms that we should send these children back, they had no right being there. I was disgusted by my fellow human. How could anyone turn their back on people who suffer? How can we send them back to a live where they might have a bomb fall on their heads, be sexually exploited or murdered. Doesn't everyone deserve the best start they can in life ?

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