by , Tuesday October 25, 2016


Papyton is almost cannon!


For months now, my best friend Vivi has been getting tons of hate for shipping Papyton. They say there's no evidence for it in the game. But isn't there? Sure, they never meet in the game, but there's tons of proof that they are meant to be together. For example, when we first hear the song for Mettaton's show(It's showtime), It's in Papyrus' living room, and he explains that he is a fan of Mettaton. When you go the his room, he has on display a bunch of action figures of a sexy robot, and as we all know, the robots are supposed to be Mettaton. Well, now we've established that Papyrus is a fan of him. The relationship could never happen though! Mettaton is famous and Papyrus is just a fan. They'll never meet... right? Think again. Who is Papyrus' best friend? Undyne! Yeah, the aggressive lesbian fish we all admire. Undyne is dating Alphys. That's cannon, just so you know. Literally cannon. I don't care if you ship Undyne with someone else. It is CANNON. Alphys just so happens to be the CREATOR of Mettaton's body. (Mettaton was a ghost who wanted a body so Alphys made one for him.) So, PAPYRUS' BEST FRIEND IS DATING THE CREATOR OF METTATON!!! They're obviously going to meet one day! And we're not stopping there! In the finale of the true pacifist ending, Papyrus is there, but the only time Mettaton shows up is when his leg sticks out and he screams at Alphys and Undyne to "Just kiss already!" That's the only time metta ever appears, and it's only his leg. Which is weird because you spend practically half the game fighting him. Maybe Toby Fox had a reason for this however. Maybe if Papyrus had met Mettaton in the finale, Papyton would have had to be cannon. Toby Fox probably wanted some mystery around the ship, or perhaps one cannon ship was enough. How would they get along. I mean they're completely different people... right? Have you ever heard of opposites attract? Papyrus is a sweet littlw cinnamon roll, and Mettaton is a SINamon roll. They would be adorable together, and they both share similar hobbies, like cooking, and fanboying. I hoped you enjoyed my theory. Thank you so much for reading!

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