Rule of Lore Competition Winners

by , Sunday October 23, 2016
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Rule of Lore Competition Winners

Rule of Lore Competition Winners!

Your stories and fanart have all been judged - now let us tell you more about the entries that won



The challenging part of this competition was the premise, create your own world. The meaning of this took many different forms. It wasn't limited to just writing intricate stories about the folklore, characters, and other details in your world, it also included drawings, fanart, and other sketches that helped tell the story. A bunch of movellians entered in this competition and wrote some amazing stories accompanied by equally brilliant art. We can't bring these worlds to life, but we can most definitely share the entries with all of you in hopes that you'll read them and see more of what we mean :)


Below are the winners and a couple honorable mentions. Winners will receive themed books or gift cards from Amazon. We hope you all liked having this competition on Movellas - thank you to everyone who took part - these stories were truly out of this world...



1st Place

Supernova Heights by LettuceGreen




Runner Up

Nine in Water, Many Beyond by Ms Holly




Best Fanart

Jemstone: Isle of Rainbows by BadassJem




There are two worthy mentions from this competition that we want you all to see, one is about a wanderer with rich pictures to complete the story, the other is one amazing collection of sketches.


Wanderer IV by Mayor Moth



Mere by Sophia Marie



All winners will be contacted by email!


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