by , Friday October 21, 2016
 WHY ?

Humanity Weeps


There's a lot of things to despair from, lots of things that may make you sad during the course of a day but to me the one item that always make me angry and that's the way we treat our fellow humans. It never fails to move me to tears the way we treat people who are trying to escape the terrors of war, poverty and persecution. Last nights news item on the refugees fleeing from Libya for a 'better life' in Europe made me weep. Not for the suffering too much, that should go without saying, but for the amount of people who are trying to flee. They risk their very lives for the slim chance that things will be better. What would possess someone to risk the lives of their children? It must take extreme distress to even contemplate taking such an extreme risk.

So why don't the majority of people see this? Why do they think that they're trying to get something for nothing? Why do they condemn these people to live a life in a country that is being bombed, where they are persecuted or starving? Why do we alienate people who we don't know ? Why is the term refugee such an emotive word?

I wish I had the answers, I wish we could live a life in this world where suffering was no more. I know people will say it's impossible and with that attitude it never will be possible. I do however have some faith left in my fellow homosapiens. I think if we can all make the effort, this world will be a much happier place. When you listen to the tales of those who have traveled across the seas to get here, you realise how much they put on the line to get here. Tales of Syrians bombed by other countries, including our own for no reason that they are there. Tales of africans fleeing tyranny in their countries. They can't help being born where they are. Surely we should have more empathy with them.

Instead we brush them aside, such is the amount of stories there are. You become hardened to the pain and misery. It becomes another story, like a film. Nothing real. The flood of the images just hardening and dulling our senses. You listen to the despair in their voices and cry for this planet. You cry because you realise you're getting as hard as them. Your tolerance to such tragedy is building.

Last night I cried again for this endless sea of human suffering, but it was mainly sadness that after so many years they still feel the need to escape and risk their fragile lives to come to countries where some inhabitants openly detest their survival. I don't have an answer but I welcome them with open arms.

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