What To Do When Bored ( TOP 35 LIST)

by , Wednesday October 19, 2016
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What To Do When Bored ( TOP 35 LIST)

Right now I'm feeling a bit emotional and at the same time lacking stuff to do most of the time, therefore I'm creating(for all of you and myself) an awesome(or however you look at it)-list of what to do, when you're feeling extremely bored and/or "over the top"-emotional and in need of distraction.

  1. Listen to music
  2. Eat something 
  3. Dance around/exersice - Create your own special dance
  4. Write a movellas - story/novel/novella/poem or whatever 
  5. Text or call someone ( anyone )
  6. Draw 
  7. Read a book or read something on movellas
  8. Go on youtube
  9. Be creative - make artsy stuff
  10. Dress up
  11. Play with make-up(even boys!)
  12. Watch anime
  13. Go for a walk
  14. Make your own list of things to do
  15. Bake a cake/invent interesting dishes 
  16. Watch TV or a movie
  17. Go on social media (and make a mess)
  18. Visit someone you know / Don't forget to bring cake /
  19. Go shopping
  20. Go to the movies, theater or local library - Yes, it's ok to go on your own too!
  21. Teach yourself a new language
  22. Paint your nails
  23. Discover a new fandom - Don't recommend MLP-society -
  24. Take picture ( maybe post them somewhere and impress others! )
  25. Make friends irl or online
  26. Drown a little in self-pity whilst writing in your diary( who doesn't need that sometimes?)
  27. Get a new body mod-thingy - piercing/tattoo or even just change your hair color
  28. Join a new activity( cooking-classes, language course, writers-class, bowling, swimming, dance-class.. whatever suits you)
  29. Make a care-package for someone you haven't seen in a long time
  30. Write someone a letter 
  31. Apply for jobs 
  32. Get comfy in bed and snuggle up with some cocoa, coffe or tea
  33. Practice singing
  34. Create your own website
  35. Offer to help someone out(going grocery-shopping for someone, cleaning someones house, watch someones kids ect)

Here you go, hope some of these things inspire you! I know I will be looking back at this list if I'm ever really really bored! Feel free to comment your own list of things to do when bored. 

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