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by , Tuesday October 18, 2016
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 Victoria's Place

Hello World!

A Brief Apology

I know many of you have probably noticed that I have not been as active as I have been. I think I owe you, my loyal followers, or fans an explanation. No, I am not avoiding you, or this site. The fact of the matter is; that drama seems to find me wherever I seem to be at a given moment. I am not talking about petty high school drama between friends, or 'drama' club. I am talking about family drama. Drama that seems to never leave me be. I have not spoken to my mother since March of this year. My sister; a sister that I have basically raised is in a different state, and a different time zone. I was thrust into this adult life without any guidance. I am alone...with no support system like those have with their parents even in adulthood; I feel alone. I thank God everyday for blessing me with the love of my life. Without him; I surely would have succombed to the darkness long ago. I wish it was appropriate to tell you guys everything that has happened; but I believe it isn't and so therefore I won't go into details. Just know that I have been in a tough spot for some time.

With no steady internet, and working full time, I just don't have the time to get onto Movellas and update as I should. So I apologize to you. You certainly don't deserve to suffer because of this...drama and my depression. So, if you'll have me and my never constant updates; I'll update when I can, I'll try to respond to comments as quickly as possible...and thank you for sticking with me thus far.


Thank you to all my followers who have stayed with me. I will update a story I think needs one, and we'll go from there. I promise you, I will be getting internet soon!

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