Just another day.

by , Wednesday October 19, 2016
 Just another day.

Just Another Day.


The daily life, of a 17 year old Junior, in Southern Alabama. :)




So today is October 18th, 2016. It's the second day, of the second quarter, and this quarter already fucking sucks.... So first this morning after my mom dropped me off at school, she left to go on a business trip, and so she won't be back until late, late Wednesday night. Which means that I won't see her till then, and I have to stay at my "best friends" house. The whole staying at someones house isn't that big of a deal. ( Well at first that is, but that's a little later on in the day so.) Anyway, so then through out the day it wasn't that bad, I mean no matter where you go thee's going to be annoying, and ignorant people so. But then I went to band for Skinny block, and of course that's always where drama tarts, so that ruin my day a little, but I'm use to that, but then when I got to math, usually my friend Correy makes my day better, but he wasn't in a good mood, so it kinda made me upset cause I couldn't fix it, so that made my day even worse, and then the fact that it was math class stressed me out, but that made it worse. Then I got to my last class which is my second band class, and that just made it all worse because everyone just wants to be better than everyone, and it's like no one even cares about the music they only care about being first, and being the "best", and that's not what band is about, it's about music, making your talent grow, and creating a huge family of different people. But of course that wasn't the worst, the worst part of today would have to be when I got out of school, and met my best friend by her car, so I was sitting inside of her jeep for about 15 minutes with out it being on while she talked to her boyfriend, ( oh, and I forgot to say me and my "est friend" have known eachother and been friends for almost 10 years.) but anyway, so then we have to go to Wamart so she can get her oil changed and her boyfriend follows, so while we are waiting they get hungry and my "best friend was going t have to pay for herself, and her boyfriend, and the oil change, so I paid for them to eat, and then she was going to have to take her twin to gaurd prctice, so she was, and then her boyfriend gets mad at her, so she ends up going with him, and now here I am, sitting by myself while gaurd practices, and I have to sit here for 3 hours... This is just a great way to end the day. Oh and she's basically ignoring me, and told her boyfriend she cares way more about him, then me, and would rather spend time with him any day, when they literally hang out everyday, and we barely have been able to actually hang out for the past 6 years, but you know what oh well I guess... 



                                               Alexis Gardner, signing out..



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