by , Tuesday October 18, 2016
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Alright so if you're a rock fan and an Avenged Sevenfold fan then you know they recently released a new song called "The Stage" My brother's been hooked ever since he heard it but I'm kinda iffy on it. Heard it about 4 times and now I kinda like it but I noticed something the other night and brought it up in the car when my mom was driving us all back from #WWELive in Phoenix. I asked the question "Why is it when (my brother) was constantly playing A7X I was tired of hearing them. I wanted to hear something different but now that he's into Trivium I can't get enough." It's a really valid question, right? Why am I so hooked on this band and not as much with the other one? Is it because I saw them live or what's going on? It can't be that the lead singer of Trivium Matt Heafy is more attractive than A7X's M. Shadows because they are equally hottt. And if we're rating the whole band then Avenged wins hands down. I mean if you look them up you would agree. However it is I would like to know.

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