About Me and My "Crazy" Family!

by , Monday October 17, 2016
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Hunter-Heart and her "Crazy" family.

Hi, I'm Hunter-Heart and I love to play sports, draw, write, sing, and dance. I love animals, and my favorite animal is either a Raccoon or a Fox. I have auburn hair, but it turns blonde in the summer, and icy blue eyes. I have 1 younger sister, Anastasia Hope Hyde (9) who has red hair no matter what season, and blue eyes unlike mine, and a twin brother, Elyas Xavier Hyde (13, almost 14 too... DUH) who looks EXACTLY (DUH AGAIN) like me. Elyas like all the same things as me. Anastasia loves Dogs and loves to sing, dance, and sometimes draw. I have the same mom as my other sisters (I never talk to them) Willow, River (who died), and her 20 year old sister, but we have different dads. Elyas, Anastasia, and I have the same dad. Elyas and my birthdays are on December 24th, and Anastasia's is November 24th. Elyas and I were adopted by Anastasia's family before she was born. We live in Brighton, England and Willow's family lives in Horsham, England, 23.6 miles away from mine. Well, there's my "crazy" family for you. Hope you guys enjoy! ~HunterH

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