Winners of the Selection Competition

by , Sunday October 16, 2016
Winners of the Selection Competition

​Winners of the Selection Writing Competition

Your stories have been read and judged in this competition - we want to tell you more about the winners!



This competition was inspired by The Selection book series written by Kiera Cass. In these novels, it was about the love story, and then the interplay of royalty, a competition, and everything powerful that throws into the mix :) Some great stories emerged and were a good show of all the different forms these fics can take. There were also awesome covers entered that make us want to read more of these kinds of stories, in the spirit of the series. 


Here are the alluring entries and winners from this competition. They will receive books from The Selection series too! We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thanks to everyone who entered their story, cover, or commented on just how splendid this competition was...



Best Story

I will bring you back by Mishe97




Runner Up

The Parfait Games by Jacie XP




Best Cover

Finding Him by Sabitha.K



We have a worthy mention we'd highly recommend you read and otherwise like and favorite :) It's a good story, and although unfinished, we mention it here because we loved where it was going and would like to request the author update, and soon please!



Choose Me by Adorkablepanda




All winners will be contacted by email.


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