Best Anime/Manga Fanfics to Read on Movellas

Best Anime/Manga Fanfics on Movellas

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We all love some awesome fanfiction, right? Well, to celebrate Anime Feature Week, we asked users for some really awesome recommendations – here’s a compilation of anime fanfictions, along with reasons given by other users in telling you why they loved reading these stories so much. Sit back and enjoy!



Hold Me written by |Panda-chan|, suggested by Victoria Raven


"The relationship is beautiful. It's so sad and the writer has created the characters so like the anime it's so realistic. It's horribly beautiful because you see two strong characters who are usually happy being broken slowly. ^.^"


Wonderland – An Attack on Titan Songfic written by Beautifully Saiyan Panda, suggested by Carmie-chan ♥


"The story is very cute and the song suits it really well! I recommend it because it is brilliantly written and you don't need to be an attack on Titan fan to understand it. ^.^"


Stronger Than Ever written by Gabriel, suggested by Music Saved Me


"This fanfic was written so beautifully, right down to the dialogue and the descriptions. It's one of my favourites on Movellas. I never actually shipped Sousuke/Rin but after reading this, it activated my SouRin feels and I now ship it <3"


Willow Angel also suggested the account Ninja Way for people who love Naruto fanfiction!


One of my favourites which hasn’t yet been mentioned has got to be T O R N written by Mirlotta and Mahogany


This is beautifully written and heart-wrenching, and both authors have other Haikyuu!! related art or fanfiction on their profiles, which you should definitely check out.


As well as this, Mirlotta has written an anime fanzine called anim8, with awesome reviews, quizzes, cosplaying articles, and more!


Still looking for more anime fanfiction? You could always check out the winners of the recent Anime/Manga Competition here!



Oh, and any good fanfic recommendations we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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