It's Anime Feature Week!

by , Wednesday October 12, 2016
It's Anime Feature Week!

Anime Feature Week!

With an awesome intro by Victoria Raven



Alright! Anime Feature Week is here at long last! After begging for months, we’ve got the week of all weeks! Anime Week!


Silence? Well this is awkward!


Okay! So, the topic of Anime is split into two things: the manga (the book) and the anime (what’s seen on TV or computers). Because of its large reach and its many genres, lovable characters and beautiful animation, it’s watched internationally and many of the songs (around 60%) are played in Japan. Anime extends even further with cosplay and even conventions dedicated to anime itself!


It’s so beautiful.


If you’re thinking Anime is ‘only for little kids’, watch:

Tokyo Ghoul

Attack on Titan


And then come back to me...


Don’t worry! There are happier Animes (that’ll still leave your soul in tiny pieces):

Sports Animes

Fantasy Animes


And lastly there are the ones that don’t destroy you at all, ah, so rare…

Love Live!

Ouran High School


So! This week we have a ton of beautiful anime related blogs going up to keep you entertained!


Enjoy the week ahead everyone!



Thank you to Victoria Raven for writing this intro blog and Prodigy for designing the banner :)

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