Me and my lovely tv-shows

by , Tuesday October 11, 2016
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 Me and my lovely tv-shows

Remember how I said I was running out of books? I'm actually, I just wanna talk about TV-shows too

So todays TV-show is.......... TEEN WOLF!!

I've watched from season 1-4 a few billion times, and season 5 once... And I'm watching the entire thing again... 

I can't remember when I started, I just remember lying on my floor and wanting to watch something, and that something was Teen Wolf. Later I learned that lots of people I go to school with have watched it as well... Pretty cool. 

So the show. I love it. (That word doesn't meen much from me now, does it?) I love the characters, and I love the plots. Through time my feelings about the characters have changed; for example I used to hate Malia, but now I love her. It's weird how you change, huh?

You knew it would come, my ships!!:

Stydia(But am okay with Sterek, Stora and/or Laiden), Scallison (but I'm okay with Scira), SheriffxMelissa (do they even have a shipname?), Daige (DerekxPaige), Malisaac (But am okay with Matheo and/or Alisaac), Morey (MasonxCorey), Layden and many others, that I can't even remember, before they have a scene and I completly fangirl out. 

My favorite season is no 3, both parts, cause I love the mystery-thing, and the Stydia starting and all of that. 

I am super excited for season 6, and I hope it'll be worth being the last season... 

Teen Wolf is one of my favorite shows excisting. I made edits inspired by the show (you can see them on Instagram, look for @multifandom_cat ) and I'm writing a TW-fanfic (in Danish) that'll probably not be very good, but it's fun writing, so what ever. 

I don't have any merchandise, cause I'm not really a merchandise person, (Says the girl who owns about 8 pairs of Harry Potter socks, a Marauders Map-mug, about 6 t-shirts from the Percy Jackson fandom and Harry Potter fandom and also a bracelet with Deathly Hallows on... Nope, I don't fancy merchandise) but that shouldn't make me any less of a fan... Right?

I don't have much more to say actually, I think I might stop blogging... Bye for now, at least!!


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