The Words of a Lost Girl

by , Tuesday October 11, 2016
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 The Words of a Lost Girl

First Words

Our life is hard and unfair, whether you're in the middle of a war or sitting through exams. Only you know what your pain truly is. This is the start of mine.

I am lost, on a road so straight you could walk all the way around the world if you kept going. I keep turning and asking myself whether this is the right path or if I should stop and sit, wait for everyone to move on before choosing. 

I'm not going to wait though, everything around me is too interesting for this road to be the only thing I will walk on. Detours are part of life and some don't understand why you accept that, why you leave the road to look at what others have planted, created, why you take a few moments to just stop and breathe for a while. 

I know life is a lot harder on others, that some paths stop before they have even begun. But that doesn't mean that my pain is worthless. It still keeps me up on those nights when even someone else's warmth can't shake the frost from my heart.

My pain is what defines me. What defines us.

What keeps me going so that I can someday melt the ice to replace it with the comforting warmth of another who loves me for me.

I know that that is a tall order and that life isn't easy or fair. Those who don't care get power and those who do get left behind in the dust because they are too young, poor or under qualified. The flowers others make bloom are things some of us strive for, live for.

But most people don't get that. 

They call us foolish for straying off the path that will lead us to 'happiness'. 

That is why our tears fall. Thats why some break their path when one too many people told them they were wrong.


To be continued


Gem Seraphine

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