My life <3

by , Tuesday October 11, 2016
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 My life <3

A taste of me.

Sometimes everything just seem right, even though they might not to everyone else. But who cares.

Here are 15 facts about me.


1. I am originally blonde, but i kind of hate that colour on me. ( do you know that feeling? )

2. My eyes change colour.

3. I love animals <3 ( but mostly cats - less work )

4. I love to dance, but i wish i was better at it

5. Music is my passion, i sing all the time, and people keep asking me "Why?" But i just can't stop! It pops out of me! It only take a word og melody og sometimes even less than that to get me started.

6. I always struggle with my weight, but i decided that this year (2017) is gonna be MY year! 

7. I love acting weird, and get other people to laugh. It is the best sound in the world.

8. I get easily jaluox ( working on that! )

9. i LOVE to cook, i mean it is just SO fun!

10. I want to be a writer (fantasy/fiction), i can't imagine anything better than people loving something you wrote. Like Harry Potter! I LOVE Harry Potter, and i am probably also a little HP Nerd, but i can't help it! I just love it <3 Thats how i want people to feel, when they read my book.

11. I am a huge Manga and Anime fan. ( One Piece, Fairy Tail, High School of the Dead and so on )

12. I just love everything Japanese actually. I am working on learning the laguage too! ( Bonus - i have been to Japan twice )

13. I never had a good relationship with my father or much of my family actually. 

14. I believe Christmas is the best holiday in the whole year!

15. I am 21 years old. 


So that is a little about me to start with. 

See you next time my Lovelies <3

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