Me, Life Story

by , Sunday October 9, 2016
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 Me, Life Story

Day 1

Fall first day.

Today was the day, the day I was gonna go with my family to a hotel and then watch my favorit theater together. Yes. Everything whent perfectly untill the day after the show when I suddenly collapsed and fainted by the breakfast bufeé... yup... I dont know what exacly happend? But suddenly I just started to feel werry and all the dark colors suddenly melted together into blackness and when I woke up I was on the floor with my mom feeding me juce and my dad holding my legs up. They put me on a sofa and told me that the whole time I just had my eyes open and my head didnt fall, I was fighting back. We called "911" (in sweden its 112) and they sent an ambulance to just check on me and I was completly fine. Blood presure, fine, Sugure, fine, heart, fine I was completly okay and afterwards the other guests at the hotel kept asking my parents if I was okay...and I was.

Again proving my point that Swedish people are nice.


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