Life of a Band Member

by , Sunday October 9, 2016
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Life of a Band Member

Intro to this thing? I'm not sure...

HELLO! i am in a band, I guess. This is an update blog on how to.... band? I'm not even sure, I just wanna try this out haha!

This is my first time ever having a personal blog, so don't make fun of me.

or do

I don't really care.

But I am in a band, as I've said three times.

This band means a lot to me, even if we kinda suck right now. it's pretty hard to be a quality band when you only have a lead singer (her name is Madison, she's the shit) and a lead guitarist (that's me, I'm also what one would call the shit).

But we are looking for a decent bassist and drummer around central Nebraska that wants to join our band, so if you're interested, HIT ME UP FFS!!!

Aaaannndddd yeah that's all I got for today.


-Mikey <3

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