Me and my lovely books 6

by , Saturday October 8, 2016
 Me and my lovely books 6

So today, I shall be talking about... The Fault In Our Stars


I'm slowly running out of books here... (slowly not quikly) but I'll do my best to keep it interesting

(I'll admit I don't know if anyone reads these... Please write a comment if you do...)

So! This one, TFIOS I read it for the first time on my younger brother's birthday, I can't remember if it was one or two years ago. I read the hole thing in a day, and ignored my family completly. That was a fun day...

I'm going of the topic, I'm sorry! So TFIOS. I love it. I've said that about all the books, I know, but I have loved each of the ones I've talked about. 

Ever since it came out, I've been wanting to read it, and I can still read it now, without getting bored what so ever. It's cute and sweet and nice and I really like reading it. 

I cried the first time I read it, as said in the previous blog, but I also smile and laugh as I go through the thoughts of Hazel Grace. 

I've heard a lot of people saying it was less good than the movie, or that they thought it was boring or overrated, but I disagree. I think it's wonderfull and really well written. 

It's kinda weird, 'cause I've read other stories from John Green (the author of TFIOS, in case you didn't know) such as Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, but I didn't really like them, to be honest. This one is the only one I like, and I don't just like it, I love it! Even though I didn't like the other two, I still think he, John Green, is a genious. He writes really good and he has fantastic ideas. 

Back to the book: I feel really connected to the characters, especially Hazel herself. I don't know, if it's true, but I believe Hazel's an introvert, and so am I. She loves books, and I do too. I almost agree with everything she does and wants to do. She's a lovely character and she's quite amusing to. 

I also really like the Sass king, Isaac, with his comments and his heart break and his speech for Gus and I could go on. 

I'm very sorry if these are too short, but I haven't got anymore to say, without getting more boring than I already am. Please comment, because comments make me very happy. If you have questions about anything, (doesn't matter if it's about books, christianity, my favorite colour, what my twitter is or whatever :)) ) just go ahead and ask. 

Thank you so much for reading this, I'll try to write again soon, have a very nice day/week(end)/night 

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