Who Am I?

by , Friday October 7, 2016

Everything There Is to Know about Liv_xoxo!!!

Who am I? And what am I doing here? 

My name is Olivia, my nickname of course is Liv. My friends call me that, so you can too. Cause I mean, we're all friends here right? Most of us anyways. So I am in middle school, and I won't say which one, because well duhhh, who would say stuff like that? I used to write books on microsoft word until I found this website. I <3 it, lol. 

I came here to share my stories with really cool people like youselves. I also came here to share my love of music. 

Bands I love:

1. 5SOS

2. MCR

3. FOB 

4. Panic! At the Disco! 


Share something about yourself in the comments section!!!

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