Asexuality and Aromanticism - Types of Orientations

So, we've got the basics down - What kinds of orientations are in the ace/aro community?

As there is a spectrum of asexuality and graysexuality, it would make sense that there are many orientations within the spectrum. While I have tried to find as many as I could, I may not have every definition.

Before I start naming as many as I can, however, I would like to point out that these definitions will be for multiple attractions, rather than just sexual ones. The common attractions we talk about are:

Sexual: An attraction based on sexual desire/arousal. This tends to be connected to typically sexual acts, such as having sex or masturbating (Though this can vary person to person.)

Romantic: An attraction based on a want for a romantic relationship and/or to do typically romantic things, such as kissing. (Though this can also be viewed as a sexual act.)

Sensual: The desire to interact with people in a platonic, tactile way, such as through doing acts such as hugging or cuddling. (Though these can also be viewed by some as romantic.)

Platonic: An attraction to someone that is no way romantic or sexual. This can be used to describe a friendship or a queer platonic relationship.

Aesthetic: Appreciation for the appearance of someone or something. Is disconnected to the person or object themselves.

The main ones we talk about are sexual and romantic attractions, since these are the ones we typically use when identifying ourselves. Though, there have been some cases of people trying to describe other attractions. 


Now for the orientations. I will point out that these are pretty much just terms for the ace/aro spectrum, though there are lots more overall.

Allo/Zed - Can be sexually/romantically attracted to people.

Ace/Aro - Aren't sexually/romantically attracted to anyone.

Gray-A - May feel some sexual/romantic attraction, but significantly less than someone who is Allo-.

Demi - Will only be sexually/romantically attracted to someone after developing an emotional connection to them.

Akio/Lith - Experience sexual/romantic attraction to people without any need for reciprocation or a sexual/romantic relationship.

Quoi/WTF - Are unsure as to whether they feel sexual, romantic and/or platonic attraction or struggle to define them.

Cupio - The opposite of Akio/Lith. Aren't sexually/romantically attracted to people, but still desire a sexual/romantic relationship.

Aro/Aceflux - Sexual and romantic attraction fluctuates over time.

Ficto - Only feels sexual/romantic attraction towards fictional characters.

Fray - The opposite of Demi. Are only sexually/romantically attracted to someone they are less familiar with. Will lose interest after.

Autochoris - Can be attracted to sexual/romantic acts, but aren't attracted to the people participating.

Those are the ones I have! If you can think of anymore, please feel free to tell me and I will add them in. While it's difficult to remember all of the different words and what they mean (I'm still struggling with some) it would be nice for people to become more aware of different identities and orientations.

Thank you for reading!

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