by , Friday October 7, 2016

Hi, everyone! This is my first blog post, as you can probably tell from the title. I haven't been on Movellas in a little while but I figured I'd stop by today. A lot has changed (with the new blogs and all) and I didn't realize how many competitons were going on! I really need to get back on here more often.

I guess I can just update what's kind of been going on in my life. I'm on break from school today (yay!) but there's a chance that Hurricane Matthew may impact my city (definitely rain and possible flash flooding) so I might leave town. Hurricanes are so freaking inconvient and I really don't feel like packing to leave for a couple of days, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Anyway, we'll see how everything goes. I know most of you are from the UK and thankfully I haven't heard anything hitting over there yet. 

I hope everyone stays safe!


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