Winners of the Battle of the Fandoms!

​Winners of the Battle of the Fandoms

All your fanfics have been read in this massive writing competition - learn which fandom emerged the winner!



This was one epic competition involving only the fiercest of fandoms in a battle over best fanfic, 10 teams strong! You all originally voted what fandoms were to be included in this competition and then went on to write the fanfiction of your choice. The results? Some insanely awesome stories and deserving winners. 


Many movellians participated in this competition - thank you for all the time spent battling, ahem, writing your way to victory - we want to thank everyone who took part, because it isn't much of a battle without wickedly good contenders :) 


Winners will receive prizes from their fandom, the spoils of war, so to speak. We were more than surprised at the ultimate fandom to emerge  victorious, check out the winners below to see who it was!



Winner in Anime/Manga

Quest by Squonk of the Nightshade




Winner in Film/TV

Warehouse 13: Darkblood by Cāngkù Shísān




Winner in Disney/Pixar

Let It Go by Hannah WandArrow




Winner in Classics

such is the fate of heroes by I C T E R I N E




Winner in Comics/Cartoons

Battle of the Fandoms Winning Fandom!

The Notebook by Born To Be Free




Winner in Harry Potter

Mistletoe: Jily by TheFifthMarauder




Winner in The Shadowhunter Chronicles

Dark Mayhem by K..S




Winner in Bandoms

Aviva by Lady Panda




Winner in Gaming

They Never Came Back by NinjaTogepi




Winner in Lord of the Rings

The Last Battle by Megites Nightshade


All winners will be contacted by email!


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