Worst Day Ever!!!

by , Thursday October 6, 2016

Again Still the worst day ever

Have you ever had those days? The ones you just want to kill yourself afterwards, but never do... That was today. 

While you all are either sleeping, eating, or at school, then here you go. Today, (I will not meantion names) a boy I like got a girlfriend, and well I will not meantion it. So someone said -no wait- yelled aout them. Can anyone see that I am broken up about it? Anyways, so I kind of got angry, but do I say or do anything, No!!! Because, I'm too freaking shy to say something like that!!! So I sulk in my own pain for I don't know, until enrichment. 

Wait, wait a second, I forgot. So this other kid I also like, and have for a very long time, got a girlfriend, they broke up yesterday, and I was like YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! 

So anyways, at around Six O'clock I had to go to like a school program, and there was a guy there I used to go to school with. He meantioned Caige, my X-Boyfriend, sort of X. Anyways, Caige cheated on me, like what three months ago, and I still haven't told anyone I still like him. So the guy that goes to highschool now, with Caige I gave him a note to give to him. So tomorrow we may have a new movellas member!!! 

Anybody got any advice on my situation? Please comment, I mean you older kids should... 

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