Hidden Themes in the Hunger Games Universe

Hidden Themes in the Hunger Games Universe

a blog by Victoria Raven



We all love The Hunger Games, don’t we? Yes, that’s a stupid question. It’s a four movie franchise, a global phenomenon, and if you meet someone in the street they are bound to have read it. Everyone has their ships and their OTP’s.



But that’s only the nice side ...The Hunger Games itself has darker meanings and darker subplots that only Collins has revealed, which can change everything.


During Mockingjay, everyone knows that Johanna Mason was sent to the Capitol, along with Peeta. However, during her time in the Capitol, Johanna developed aquaphobia, a fear of the water. She developed this fear from being soaked and then electrically shocked as a form of torture.


Clove’s death in the books is very different from the film, as every book and movie fangirl/boy knows. The death was so graphic and too graphic to be shown in the movie, so she was thrown as being slammed into the Cornucopia instead.


During the second and third books, Katniss is shown to suffer from P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This is due to her difficult and traumatic experiences from her time in the Arena. Katniss displays these symptoms which include night terrors, flashbacks, avoidance, and emotional numbness.


The total Hunger Games movie body count is 39. 17 occur during flashbacks where Katniss’ father and the other miners are killed. The rest are in the actual Hunger Games. This is a very different total from the 1,678 children that died in The Hunger Games. And I mean every single Hunger Games, from the first to the last.


The name Panem, is derived from “Panem et Circenses’ or ‘Bread and Circuses.’ This refers to Roman Times when the government kept people satisfied by proving violent services instead of carrying out public services.


Hmm . . . seems familiar?


I hope you enjoyed the blog and found out some interesting things that you (hopefully) didn’t know before. I also hope I didn’t make it darker than it already was!



Thank you to Victoria Raven for writing this blog :)


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