All about me

by , Wednesday October 5, 2016
All about me

Hi guys so today I have started writing my blog and it will be about how to survive secondrary school so before I begin let me tell you somethings about me I currently have survived some of secondrary school so I have been through this so you guys don't have to. Anyhow top tip number one don't say words you have no idea what they actualy mean for example the other day my sisters friend said she was moist ( To be referred to as moist is to say you are ill informed or have said something idiotic or embarrassing. Moist can also be used to describe a situation or occurrence. If someone is faced with a circumstance that is particularly displeasing it's also acceptable to say something like 'rahh that's moist') and I gaurantee you guys would never want to end up in that embarrising sitiuation so yeh thats number one sorted.

Secondly never and i mean never do a ridiculosly long or any peice of homework the day that it is actually due unless of course your prepered to suffer the consequences or if you are seriously gifted ahem not me oh and buy the way the consequences for the school I go to is a one too five hour detention a trackeware measured in levels with a aditional one hour detention with head of year.



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