Me and my lovely books 5

by , Wednesday October 5, 2016
 Me and my lovely books 5

Today I will be talking about The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I would first like to say, that I accidently deleted everything, so I had to write it all again... I would secondly hope that you enjoy

Hellooo! (or good morning/night/day) You should probably be studying or sleeping, but you're not! And neither am I... Let's go!

I read this book for the first time half a year ago or so, and I was very​ confused. I had heard it was good, so I went and brought it. (I usually borrow them in the libraries first...)

It took me a couple of times to get things such as: 

1. The whole thing with the dates, and how many days it had been since last

2. The 'weird' brownie (guess I was too innocent)

3. (And I'm not even sure about this one, it's just my theory) Charlie (the main character) is writting to the person reading the book... not a friend of his, as I thought

The book is one of many, that almost always make me cry at some point (for other results of me crying at books, see Percy Jackson, The Fault in our Stars and many others) and even though Charlie does a loooot of things I'd (probably) never do, (drinking, smoking, admitting feelings towards someone etc.) I still get him. I don't really know how to explain, but it's like I understand his decisions (mostly) and I feel sad whenever he does.

I really like how short the chapters are, which makes it easier for a late-night-reader like me, to do the 'just one more chapter'- thing. I also really like how he's anonymous, but it's also kinda annoying me how we don't get his siblings names...

I'm not sure if there's supposed to be any message, but the story is really good. If you haven't read it already, I think you should! If you for somewhat reason don't like reading, the movie (starring miss Emma Watson as Sam, miss Nina Dobrev as Charlie's sister and mr. Logan Lerman as Charlie him self, just to name a few) is on Netflix and is good too(!!!) (trailer below!!)

Of course the movie has left out a little, but it's almost nothing. (At least compared to another story, Lerman starres in... if ya' know what I'm talking about. *wink face*) 

Hope you have a very lovely day, remember to smile and think positive, have some tea/coffee/hot chocolate and read a book <3 

Comment anything below. Literally anything... 

Also sorry for it being short, and being out of the pattern I had created...I'll try to follow it again... ish


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