Stories from District 12

by , Wednesday October 5, 2016
Stories from District 12

Stories from District 12

Written by the force of storms


I’ve been hard at work, searching the world of Hunger Games stories for a shortlist of some of my favourite Movellas. The list contains short and long, old and new. Take the time to read all of these amazing picks!


In no particular order…



A True Game’s End by Cookiedough86



“No one ever wants to be in the Games. They just end up there. Stuck. No idea what to do anymore.”



Risk It All by Fruitypebbles



“Maybe it was because it was the first time she survived the reaping, even though her name was in there over ten times.”



Runaway Tribute by The Girl Who Waited



“Not because they hated me or that I deserved it, it was because now they can live a reaping free life, now not having to worry about their name being in the bowl anymore.”



The Ghost of District 12 by W A N D E R L U S T



“I nod, taking in one last glimpse of my home, and friend, then close my eyes, letting the Angels take me: the ghost of District 12.”



The Hanging Tree by Rhapsody



“The second she speaks, the dream, the daze, the reverie- whatever it’s called- is shattered.”



SuperWhoLock- The Hunger Games by Fangirl.In.The.TARDIS



It was difficult not to include this crossover fic set in the Hunger Games universe, featuring Destiel, Sabriel, Tenrose, Sherlolly, Mormor, and more.



The Hunger Games (cover competition ) by Fandom Girl :)


It may not be a fanfiction, but I couldn’t resist this beautiful watercolour version of the cover.


I know there will be some amazing Hunger Games stories that have been missed out, so make sure to share your recommendations in the comments!



Thank you to the force of storms for putting together this blog post & Sanguine for designing the banner


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