Story Time~ #2

by , Tuesday October 4, 2016
Story Time~ #2

This is the story about when I got attacked by a dog when I was younger.

I was really young when this happen to me. I was in kindergarten when this happen and I don't remember a lot so bare with me. This happened around either on a break or on a Saturday. I don't really remember much when this happened.


Before I begin I want to give a little back story of why we have the dog. My dad's friend was having trouble with his job and he was living in an apartment where he can't keep the dog there so he asked us to keep it until he gets a house. We said yes of course. The dog was a black lab(which my brother thinks it had some pit bull in it which caused it to attack). I learned this later on because no one told me back then because I was young.


So back to the story. We had this dog with two other dogs. Brutus(I think that is how you spell it but I'm not sure) was the dog's name. Princess and Ottis are the other two dogs' names that belong to us. My dad and brother were gone doing something for a family member and my mother and I was home. My mother went to take a nap so I was left with the dogs. I picked up my dog princess because she was small and went to my parent's room but Brutus was sitting there. All I remember was staring at him until everything went black. All I could feel was the dog pulling my hair.


To me, I thought I was screaming for my mom but my mom told me later that she didn't hear me but heard the dog growling and thought it was Ottis and Brutus playing around so she told him to get off. The dog got off and I just sat in the hall holding my face. I don't remember being in pain or looking to see if I was bleeding but my mother walked over to me and pulled my hands from my face. She gave me a towel to place on the wound and made the dogs go outside. We walked to our car and drove to my friend's house.


I remembered my mom, her friend, and I was about to drive out of my friend's neighborhood until her husband drove by and asked what is happening. My mom told her to keep driving and she did. I don't remember being scared but remember my mother silently singing to me as we went to the hospital. My dad and brother met us there and I was in my dad's arms until I went into a room so they can stitch me. I remember them giving me meds to help me sleep and me wanting more. We I woke up my parents was in the room and we were about to go home.


The dog made a deep wound on the right side of my nose and a really big wound on top on my head, on the right side that looked kind of like an F, that almost stretch to the back of my neck(it when in my hair line). I remeber standing at the front desk about to leave when the nurse asked if I needed a wipe. I looked down and my hands were covered with blood. I had twenty stitches in all.


A lot of my scars are gone now but you can still see one in my hair line.


I hope this made sense. Remember I was really young and I tried to describe it the best I could. I couldn't find a picture of me with the scars so I tried my best to describe what it looked liked.

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